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American Legion Department of Idaho Mid-Winter Conference
Red Lion Downtowner Hotel,
1800 Fairview Ave. , Boise, ID 83702

Mid Winter Conference and Riders meeting coming up January 11 thru 14th.. Electronic Registration and Schedule have finally been published! you can view the schedule on line at: https://www.legion.org/idaho
Riders Meeting will be held Friday January 12th At 3:PM In the White Pine Room of the Red Lion Downtowner.

We are a motorcycle riding program of the American Legion, we are Veterans helping other Veterans, the Children of Veterans, and our community.  The American Legion Riders is not an MC, we are Veterans who ride motorcycles.

This Department of Idaho ALR website will serve as a source of information for all existing, new and proposed chapters and posts in the state of Idaho, following the guidelines set forth by National and the Department of Idaho.

Idaho  American Legion Rider groups must be a program supported by a Post or Department of The American Legion and shall uphold the declared principles of The American Legion as well as conform to and abide by the regulations and decisions of the Department Idaho, Post or other duly constituted Department governing body.

The following guidelines are required for The ALR program of The Department of Idaho American Legion:

  1. All members of The American Legion Riders shall be current members of The American Legion, American Legion Auxiliary or Sons of The American Legion.
  2. The ALR Chapter Director (President) and ALR Chapter Assistant Director ( Vice President) MUST be Honorably Discharged Veterans or Active Members of the United States Military.
  3. Each ALR member shall establish and maintain membership by owning, individually or through marriage, a motorcycle licensed and insured as required by state law.
  4. ALR programs may allow for continued membership for those members who have given up motorcycle ownership because of age, illness, injury, or other reasons outside the member's control.
  5. All ALR members shall strive to maintain the image of The American Legion, at all times upholding The American Legion name and emblem, which symbolizes the integrity and principles of this great organization.
  6. All The ALR groups shall avoid the perception of being a "motorcycle club" or biker club".
  7. The only recognized The American Legion Rider logo is that which is copyrighted and sold through The American Legion National Emblem sales.
  8. All Members will obey the motorcycle laws of Idaho.
  9. No use of rockers touching  the ALR patch because touching the patch violates trademark laws of the ALR patch.
  10. Sponsoring posts (and or Department of ) will review liability insurance coverage to ensure that adequate coverage is available to cover the organization to include coverage for any specific special riding events.

American Legion Rider groups shall abide by The American Legion Constitution and By-laws as well as the established Post and Department of Idaho directives.

The American Legion National Headquarters and the respective Department of Idaho shall maintain general oversight of ALR Chapters  as regards to proper use of the name and emblem of The American Legion, ALR and The American Legion Legacy Run, and compliance with the National Constitution and By-Laws of The American Legion.

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