Department Convention RidersMeeting Report:
July 2014

Just wanted to send out a quick report on the convention / meeting for all those who missed something or could not attend. Riders were present from Blackfoot, Post Falls, Twin Falls, Pocatello, and Wendell. Due to the small attendance, time and discussion was limited.

The original meeting was to be held of a ride, that was going to happen Friday, then the day for the Riders meeting was changed to Thursday and the ride AFTER a meeting 1:PM. At the meeting we discussed the accomplishment and growth of the Idaho ALR this year. The State of Idaho was given a really nice plaque honoring the accomplishment of the Idaho ALR chapter for the Legacy Fund. This plaque will be hanging in the Department Office in Boise next time you visit. National Reported that many of the posts around the country are not including ALR information in there CPR (Consolidated Post Report) so the exact number of American Legion Riders is not known. ALL RIDERS MUST go to  and register… let them know you are a rider! Remember too… that we need to make a report at our regular Legion meetings to let the Post know what we are doing… It is in the constitution and bylaws to do so. Our activities go on the CPR and what we do benefits us as well as the post.

We discussed the new Website.. … send me the photos and notes on what your chapter is doing. We’ll put it on the site, national is looking at this! We also have a state Facebook page… If you have one for you chapter you need to like us… so we can put your info up as well Mountain Home as already done this.

The DEC met on the Post 142 issue.  They have agreed to follow the new constitution and bylaws the American Legion Riders in Idaho. The new Director and Assistant director are both Veterans and presented a DD214 to the DEC. I do not yet know who these people are nor do I have an  email address to include them in our communications, but will endeavor to find out and pass this info along. If they do indeed follow the bylaws we must all make an effort to welcome them and help get them back on track.

There is a concern among most of us about the increasing amount of alcohol related accidents and deaths in the motorcycle community.  It is also a concern the alcoholism is a major problem with our returning veterans. We present agreed we should adopt the standard rule of no booze within an eight-hour period before riding a ALR Department -controlled motorcycle event… Please give me your feedback on this.. Keep in mind that it does not mean you have to stop drinking or can’t have a drink on the way home after a ride or meeting… His would only apply to eight hours BEFORE a large sanctioned group ride when we all must be on target… please send me your thoughts on this!

The 2015 ROMP will be held in Overgaard, Arizona the first week of June 2015. Here’s an Info link: it would be nice if we could all meet somewhere along the way and ride in all together as Idaho!


Thanks, to all and RIDE SAFE…



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