Finding An Oil Leak

Finding an oil leak, whether it comes from the engine, transmission or rear drive, can be a pain in the a_ _. Things like vibration, heat and air blowing past and around your bike and over your engine can  smear the oil all over the place. These things make finding the source of the leak, especially if it's small one very difficult.

The dealers and pro shops  have access to leak detection kits that use dye and a black light to find the leak but that equipment isn't  something we riders can easily get our hands on.

But, ever thought of using a spray can of deodorants? It can  make a very good  leak finder.

This is what you need to do.

First, clean off as much of the leaked oil and area as possible.

Then, take your motor for for a ride, making sure it gets good and warm.

Now, spray the suspected area of the leak with a powder-type deodorant similar to a brand like "Arrid Extra Dry"..... something with white powder..

The deodorant will leave a chalky white, easily removed coating on the surface, with the outline of the oil track clearly revealed. A little detective work should lead you to the source of the leak. The only trick is to make sure you use a powder-type spray; You need the fine powder to follow the oil trail...



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