Spring Preparation

Getting our motorcycles ready for the riding season after winter storage is something we all need to do. We need to do it for safety, getting it looking good, and to install the goodies we may have accumulate over the winter months. Here's the drill ......

  • Check battery and terminals make sure it is clean, disconnect and clean the terminals, check the condition of the battery, reconnect the cables ( plus first ) and coat with a light layer of Vaseline to prevent corrosion .

  • Change the oil and filter.

  • Check all the cables for condition and lubricate with the recommended lubricant.


  • Check drive chain, belt, or shaft.

  • Check tires for wear and proper  pressure.

  •  Check all nuts bolts and fasteners.

  • Check all lights, and horn, the check to makes sure each is operating  properly.

  • Wash or apply a pre-wash, and then thoroughly "bathe" your ride.

  • Dry toughly .

  • Polish and wax all chrome and painted parts.

  • Apply leather treatment to all the leather. 

  • NEVER apply tire treatment or shine to the tires. It's a good way do go down when you turn.

  • Install your new goodies.

If you are worried about or find a problem with anything you find during your Spring inspection, or you want the opinion of a professional, take your motorcycle to the dealer or your favorite bike shop for inspection, and / or maintenance.

RIDE SAFE and Sober


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